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How to make delicious coffee

[Paper drip]

In this video, we used beans made from our most popular "Brazilian chocolate" city roasted.You can enjoy the aroma like caramel and the flavor like bitter chocolate and nuts.

■ Brazilian Chocolat [Made in Brazil]


How to make delicious iced coffee

In this video, I used beans made from Kilimanjaro as French roast.

It goes well with iced coffee with a clean mouth!

■ Kilimanjaro [from Tanzania]


How to brew a delicious French press

In this video, I used Timor Santo Monte.

An organic coffee with a high aroma, a well-balanced taste and a slightly sweet aftertaste.

■ Timor Santomonte [from East Timor]


How to brew delicious DRIP BAG

The set of drip pot and DRIP BAG used in this video is on sale at the Online Shop !

■ Single pot & DRIP BAG 10 pieces set

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