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EL BLANCOオリジナルデザインのパッケージや
Have a moment of happiness with the aroma and deliciousness ...

A set of home-roasted coffee according to the season such as midyear gifts, year-end gifts, and New Year's greetings,

We have various variations such as festive gifts.

Of course, even if you order a gift, you can roast it after receiving your order.

We have prepared it so that it will be in the best condition when it reaches the giver.

You can attach Noshi paper to suit your needs.

We can prepare it according to your budget, so please contact the store staff for details.

We also accept shipments nationwide.

​Petit gifts that you can easily give

Great for small souvenirs and gifts

small gift!

Because it is a content that you can enjoy without coffee equipment

Feel free to hand it over.

Please attach a message to your birthday.

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